oie_transparent (3)The videos below are intended to help you learn how to use the new website.  I’ve broken them into short segments on a single topic, but there is still a lot of information.  Click pause as needed and watch them as often as necessary!  E-mail me if there are steps you are not following or aren’t sure exactly how I did them.  

Add a Calendar Entry

How to add items to the PCM EVENTS Google Calendar so they will appear on the site (Events page and footer area).

Receiving Form Submissions

What happens when someone completes a form on the new website?  This video will show you where that information goes, how to get to it, and steps you need to take in order to receive an email notification that you have a new submission.  Current forms include Subscribing to eNews Update, subscribing to Polska Herald, Internship Application and Short-Term Trip Application.

Exporting an Application to A Google Doc

This video first gives you an overview of the internship application form as it appears on the website.   It then will walk you through how to export an application into a Google Doc format that might be more useful for reference and printing.

Editing the “Pray For Poland” Page

This video will show you how to edit the Website Embed and Printable Version documents in Google Drive to make changes to the Pray for Poland page of the website.

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