Ways To Give

                   Chase QuickPay with Zelle


You can now send your gift via Chase QuickPay with Zelle. Polish Christian Ministries can receive your donation by sending your gift to dave.hatfield777@gmail.com if you have this feature in your own banking account. There are no fees connected to this “Ways to Give” option.


You can send your gift by mail using a check.
Please make the check payable to Polish Christian Ministries and send to:

Polish Christian Ministries
740 North Shortridge Road #19094
Indianapolis, IN 46219-9403

billpayBill Pay

You should be able to do this through your local bank online. You will need our donation destination address:

Polish Christian Ministries
740 North Shortridge Road #19094
Indianapolis, IN 46219-9403

Your bank will send a (paper) check made payable to: Polish Christian Ministries in snail mail. You can set up the day of the month you want it to go out in the mail with the amount you want on the check. You can make any designations you desire on the memo line of check.

oie_oie_trim_image (1)Credit / Debit Card / PayPal


oie_transparent (1)Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Giving to the Polish Christian Ministries is now more convenient than ever, saving you time and effort, thanks to the ACH program. Now you can make a gift to PCM without having to write and mail a check or receive pledge reminders.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic network for financial transactions in the United States. This program allows donors to designate a specific amount to be automatically withdrawn from their bank account each month (minimum $25). The amount is then transferred to Polish Christian Ministries. The transfer will appear on your monthly bank statement. The process is similar to direct depositing a paycheck.

To set up an ACH, please contact David Hatfield at 810-923-0226.


 oie_oie_trim_image (17)Memorial Gifts

PCM is grateful for gifts specifically designated “in memory of” loved ones, family members, friends, or those who have left an unforgettable legacy.

Donors may also choose to make a gift “in honor of” a living loved one or friend as a tribute to that person’s on-going life of service.

If you would like to have PCM envelopes available at a funeral or memorial service, or would like more information on a specific gift idea, please contact David Hatfield at 810-923-0226.

oie_oie_trim_image (16)Gifts-in-kind

Gifts-in-kind refer to non-cash donations of materials or long-lived assets. For Polish Christian Ministries, examples would include items such as art objects, prized collections, antiques, products, computer software and hardware, office products and supplies, educational materials, etc. Gifts-in-kind can be designated as one time gifts or as on-going programs.

All gifts-in-kind to PCM must be approved by the PCM Board of Directors Executive Committee.

Current tax law requires that Polish Christian Ministries issue a receipt indicating that a gift-in-kind has been received. PCM does not value the gift-in-kind on the gift receipt. Instead, the donor is responsible for obtaining the fair market value at the time of the gift. If the gift-in-kind is valued by the donor at more than $5,000, then an appraisal must be obtained by the donor.

Please contact David Hatfield at 810-923-0226 regarding questions concerning specific gifts-in-kind. Please contact a tax accountant concerning how these donations may apply to your individual tax issues.


Polish Christian Ministries Board of Directors

Polish Christian Ministries is a U.S. 501(c)(3) organization that has partnered with Christian Churches in Poland, its leaders and other personnel serving the Polish Churches to administer donations according to its expressed purposes. When one gives to Polish Christian Ministries, one writes checks to Polish Christian Ministries and sometimes designates the ministry to which they want to direct their funds. PCM is the agency that serves these Polish Churches and other personnel serving these churches for U. S. fund management, accounting and audits, etc. PCM seeks to honor donor wishes. However, (as is the case with all non-profits) the IRS does require that ultimate control over the disbursement of such funds is according to the decision of the PCM Board of Directors.

Secondly, donors may contribute to Polish Christian Ministries and not suggest any specific designation. If a donor chooses to do this, the funds will be used according to the decision of the PCM Board of Directors. Presently these funds are used to support Polish pastor’s salaries, building projects of Polish Churches, and other ministry personnel who serve the Polish Churches.  The Polish Christian Ministries Board of Directors determines how best to allocate the funds based on immediate needs.

Special NOTE: Any donor (church or individual), who desires to receive an annual financial report (PCM’s Compilation) from Polish Christian Ministries, may do so by contacting David Hatfield via email at pcm@pcmusa.org or at 810-923-0226.

Polish Christian Ministries exists to assist Polish Christians in becoming healthy, growing, self-sustaining and reproducing congregations with a mission-mindset.

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