Pray for Poland

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Praise God for

  • ... being our strong help in times of trouble.
  • … the Polish churches and Ostroda Camp who are caring so well for those in need.
  • … the overwhelming response we have received in response to the refugee relief fund.
  • … the volunteers who are preparing to go to Poland in May and June.
  • … new partnerships with other non-profits so together we can make a difference.
  • … all of our U.S. supporters who give so the work in Poland can continue.

Please pray for

  • ... God to intervene to bring a swift end to the war in Ukraine.
  • … protection for the people of Ukraine as they defend their nation.
  • … comfort for the many refugees, several of whom are separated from family members.
  • … wisdom and strength for our Polish partners as they care for Ukrainian refugees.
  • … the 85+ volunteers heading to Poland within the next two months.
  • … Henryk Wasilewski, the pastor in Bialogard, who is ill and awaiting heart surgery.
  • … Ken Meade’s wife and family as they grieve the loss of their loved one.
  • … the ongoing church building projects in Poland.

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