Contact Staff

Polish Christian Ministries
1212 Schucks Road
Bel Air MD  21015-5008

Telephone: 410-688-3294


Executive Director
David A. Hatfield – serving since September 2012

Outreach Coordinator
Sandy Hatfield – serving since October 2014

Administrative Assistant
Lois Harris – serving since June 1994

Financial Assistant
Lizabeth Mentzer – serving since September 2013 Congratulations and thank you!!!

Liz retired on October 6, 2020.

Administrative Assistant (Poland)
Zofia Charis – serving since August 2002

Board of Directors

Patrick D. Howard – serving since 2008
Chief Information Security Officer, Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Academy Christian Church, Colorado Springs, CO

Paul J. Howey – serving since 2010
Church of Christ at Manor Woods, Rockville, MD

David Menge – serving since 2016
Senior Minister                                                                   Western Hills Christian Church, Lawton, Oklahoma

Gregory W. Meyer – serving since 2008
President, Meyer Material & Handling Products, Inc.
Southport Heights Christian Church, Indianapolis, IN

Chris Santasiere – serving since 2019                   Associate Minister                                                           Fairmount Christian Church, Mechanicsville, VA

David Smiley – serving since 2013
Pharmacist, Skilled Care of Indiana
White River Christian Church, Noblesville, IN

Paula Styles – serving since 2013
Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, Styles Manor
Brighton Christian Church, Brighton, MI

Dennis Towles – serving since 2013
Consultant for Dispensing Operations, Eli Lilly
Traders Point Christian Church, Whitestown, IN

Doyle Warren – serving since 2015
Senior Minister
Southwestern Christian Church, Weatherford, OK

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