Pray for Poland

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Praise God for …
  • reaching 100% of our goal for the Ukrainian children/youth camps! Thanks to everyone who gave to make these camps possible. We are praying for God’s Word to run swiftly and shine into the hearts of these children and youth from Ukraine.
  • the large number of students who came to the church service in Płock after a week of English lessons. Pray for the seeds that were planted to grow and bear fruit.
  • new churches being planted and growing to maturity.
  • the church plant in Dzialdowo becoming an independent church on June 30th.
Please pray for …
  • Pat Howard, the chairman of PCM’s Board of Directors, who has been tentatively diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome and will be in ICU for at least two more weeks.
  • the Plock church as they seek to raise $320K for their new addition (250-seat sanctuary plus children/youth classrooms).
  • the Wilanow church plant as they seek a new meeting place.
  • U.S. teams as they make final preparations to come to Poland this summer.
  • Dave and Sandy’s travel schedule:
    • May 24-June 5: Plock (Poland) – with Messiah College team teaching English
    • June 4-13: Holocaust Survivors Camp in Ostroda (Sandy)
    • June 7-15: Building Project in Biala Podlaska (Dave)
    • June 9: Leadership Development Session with Biala Podlaska
    • June 10: Leadership Development Session with Siemiatycze
    • June 10: Leadership Development Session with Bielsk Podlaski
    • June 15-22: Ukrainian children’s camp in Ostroda
    • June 21-28: Ukrainian youth camp in Ostroda
    • June 29-30: Wilanow church plant in Warsaw
    • June 30-July 5: Dzialdowo “Independence Day” and Evangelistic Outreach
    • July 5-7: Hosanna Church in Lublin visiting Street Church and LDS
    • July 14: Warsaw West Church praying for two Polish ministry interns being sent to US
    • July 17: Return to the U.S.

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