Pray for Poland

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Please pray for …
  • Adela Bajko and her familyMay God bring comfort, peace, and hope to all those who are grieving.
  • Andrzej Ostrowski, pastor in Kolobrzeg, as he continues to go to rehab and to recover from a stroke suffered in April.
  • Jacek Konicki as he recovers from a knee injury.
  • a new pastor for the church in Koszalin and funds to support him.
  • additional funds for these churches: Bialogard ($700), Katowice ($450), Lidzbark Warminski ($600), Lodz ($600), and Siemiatycze ($750).
  • the teams from Christ’s Church (Jacksonville, FL) and OceanPointe CC (Middletown, RI), as they prepare to come to Poland in the fall of 2017.
  • Dave and Sandy – September/October schedule:
    • Sept. 1 — Bel Air, MD – Funeral service for Paul Bajko
    • Sept. 3 — Brighton Christian Church, Brighton, MI
    • Sept. 15 — Central Christian Church, Mt. Vernon, IL
    • Sept. 17 — Fairfield Christian Church, Fairfield, IL 150th Anniversary Celebration
    • Sept. 27/28 — Flight to Poland
    • Sept 30-October 7 — Christ’s Church, Jacksonville, FL, serving in Olsztyn, PL
    • Oct 1 — Olsztyn, Poland
    • Oct 8 — Warsaw, Poland
    • Oct 8-18 — OceanPointe Christian Church, Middletown, RI, serving in Sosnowiec, PL
    • Oct 15 — Sosnowiec, Poland
    • Oct 20-22 — CSM celebrating 10 years of ministry at Osrodek H20 in Kiczyce, PL

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