Pray for Poland

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Greetings from Polish Christian Ministries!
I hope you and your families are well and safe.

In seeking to be obedient to God’s Word and in light of the Covid-19 crisis, PCM is complying with the restrictions set in place by our governing authorities, both in the United States and in Poland. We have received questions and feedback from our Polish partners and U.S. supporters in regards to PCM’s ministry involvement. Due to the uncertainty of how long the restrictions will be in place, PCM is proactively taking the following measures:

  • The salaries for 52 Polish pastors and ministry workers will remain our top priority;
  • Providing financial funding for building/renovation projects will continue as long as there are designated funds to send (e.g., from “3 for 3 in 3”) and building projects are allowed to continue in Poland;
  • Ministry initiatives with Polish churches (e.g., teaching English at Plock) and at Ostroda Camp have been canceled or postponed through August 31, 2021;
  • Ministry operations will continue with PCM staff and partners working from home;
  • Mail, donor gifts, and expenses will be taken care of in a normal fashion;
  • Communication with US churches and individuals will continue, although all travel is suspended;
  • PCM’s Executive Committee will continue to monitor the developments and will adjust ministry operations accordingly.

During this time of uncertainty and challenge I want to encourage you to not lose heart but actually be strengthened in faith and devotion to our Sovereign God. This is an opportunity to spend more time in prayer and in God’s Word. These restrictions and lockdowns can be seen as gifts from God to help us “reset” our lives and our priorities. Let us go about our work diligently and faithfully, entrusting ourselves to God’s mighty hand. Thank you for your prayers and continued support.

Forever in Christ,
David Hatfield
PCM Executive Director

Praise God for…

  • U.S. churches and individuals who continue to provide monthly support for our Polish pastors and ministry workers.
  • the funds received for the “3 for 3 in 3” initiative.
  • the fellowship in Kutno which will become an official mission station of the church in Dabrowa Gornicza this month.
  • each of our Polish partners who continually give of themselves to build up the churches in Poland.

Please pray for…

  • our Polish partners to have good health and renewed courage as they minister during these difficult times.
  • Henryk Karasiewicz as on Feb. 1 he goes to the hospital for three weeks of cardiac rehabilitation.
  • a spirit of unity amongst Polish pastors and their leaders.
  • creative ways to serve the youth, the homeless, the elderly, and families in Poland.
  • funds to winterize the chapel at Ostróda Camp
  • a worship leader for the church in Sandomierz
  • the churches in Lidzbark Welski and Radom as they both are in need of pastors.
  • Warsaw West as they finalize a contract to lease space at a shopping mall.

Dave and Sandy’s travel schedule:  PCM’s Executive Team met in January and it was decided to postpone Dave and Sandy’s 4-week trip to visit six Georgia churches and six Florida churches in February. With many factors considered, it was felt the risks outweighed the benefits related to visiting supporting US churches at this time.

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