Pray for Poland

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Praise God for …
  • surpassing our goal for the Church Building Projects Fund.
  • the congregation in Sosnowiec worshiping in their new sanctuary.
  • the 75 U.S. volunteers who are preparing to come to Poland in 2019. The first three will arrive on February 2.
Please pray for …
  • fresh vision and renewed passion among the pastors of the Polish churches.
  • the preparation and raising of funds for TWO UKRAINIAN CAMPS this summer (one for children ages 8-11; one for youth ages 12-15) – 140 scholarships @$150/each.
  • our first initiative in the Bemowo district of Warsaw with Adam and Klaudia Dulinscy, February 3-8
  • our tour of Polish churches with the signing of AOU’s and leadership development sessions in nine cities.
  • Dave and Sandy’s February travel in Poland:
    • Jan. 30/31: Flight to Poland
    • Feb 2: Sandy teaching at CSM Warsaw
    • Feb 3: Warsaw West with Adam Dulinski
    • Feb 4-8 PCM initiative in Bemowo district of Warsaw with Adam & Klaudia Dulinscy
    • Feb 9: Sandy teaching at CSM Pawelki
    • Feb 10: Garwolin with Tytus Pikalski
    • Feb 10-12: Sandomierz with Adam Byra
    • Feb 13-15: Plock with Jacek Konicki
    • Feb 24: Wyszkow with Lukasz Osik
    • Feb 24: Warsaw South with Marek Sobotka
    • Feb 25: Lidzbark Welski with Adam Sniegon
    • Feb 25: Dzialdowo with Arek Kotlewski
    • Feb 26: Ostroda Camp with Bartek Zdanowicz
    • Feb 26: Ostroda with Zbyszek Chojnacki
    • Feb 27: Lidzbark Warminski with Jerzy Puszcz
    • Feb 28: Gdynia with Wojtek Lemke
    • Mar 1: Olsztyn with Marcin Zwolinkski

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